The region that we are primarily working in is the Wakiso district of Uganda, however one of the high schools that many of the sponsored children will be attending (Fairmont College School) is in the neighboring district of Mukono.  The Wakiso district is in central Uganda and contains the capital city of Kampala as well as the city that houses the sole airport in Uganda, Entebbe.  This district has approximately 2 million residents, 53% of whom are under the age of 18 and 17% of whom are orphaned.  With this in mind the schools and clinics that we choose to partner with are those that already have the mandate to allow all children to attend school or receive basic medical care regardless of their ability to financially afford it.  All children attending our partner schools are enrolled in the child sponsorship program, beginning with those that are unable to pay the cost of tuition or are nearing the end of primary school and are thus in need of support to continue on to secondary school.  The women that are enrolled in our vocational training program are recruited by peers in their community and are generally the sole financial provider for their households.  


Our organization is not affiliated with any one specific faith, with our board made up of people from various spiritual and religious backgrounds.  Thus, we do not fund or support any specific religious groups but rather decide on projects based on the most pressing needs that we feel we can assist with.  Faith is a part of every aspect of a Ugandan’s life, from the name of their business, to the bumper stickers on their car, to the clothing that they wear, which is why nearly every school or medical clinic that we partner with generally identifies with a specific religion (usually Christianity or Islam), however, this does not in any way affect our decision of whom to partner with and we hope that it does not affect your decision to partner with us. People from all faiths live and work harmoniously together in Uganda and we want to mimic that mantra in how we run our organization, with inclusivity for all, and love for every child.